Beyond Compare — A Hospitalist’s Perspective of Mercy Health

January 22, 2019 4:01 pm

Lajide Richard Lawoyin, MD Specialist in Hospital Medicine

Since 2010, I have worked at both the Hackley and Mercy Campuses in Muskegon, and I am well aware of the many important metrics we use in medicine to measure our level and quality of care.

Without a doubt, the new medical center will incorporate new technologies into a state-of-the-art building, all for the benefit of patients. But this new facility will offer something more.

Studies have shown that the environment where patients are being cared for does matter. Nicer, newer care environments have been shown to positively affect the healing process, and I believe the new tower will do this for our patients.

As a hospitalist, I look forward to the completion of the consolidation. It will be wonderful for the community, for providers and for patients. I believe the opening of the new medical center will translate into measurable improvements in patient care and safety, such as:

  • Reduced lengths of stay, for a variety of reasons, including a better healing environment
  • More cohesive care delivery, because providers will be located under one roof
  • An elimination of patient transfers between campuses, which will also lead to less family stress
  • More timely emergency care, thanks to fewer time lags
  • Increased number of patients that providers will be able to see in a day, which will improve patient access
  • Increased referrals from outside hospitals
  • Increased specialized care
  • Improved overall patient satisfaction metrics

The new tower already has had, and I believe will continue to have, a ripple effect on the economic life of our community. Many people have jobs constructing the tower. Yet once it has been built, other businesses will also benefit from this consolidation — from transportation services, to restaurants, to gas stations, to hotels and much more. In so many ways, the new medical center is good for Muskegon and residents along the lakeshore.

I am originally from Nigeria, so I have a personal perspective about cultural diversity. Because I work on both Mercy Health campuses, I am aware that Hackley and Mercy have different cultures. But I believe that the blending of these two cultures will lead to a better experience for everyone — medical staff and our patients.

Personally, I love living in Muskegon. My wife and I could have moved our family away from the lakeshore after 2013, when I was eligible for permanent residency, but this is home to us. For me, it’s a no-brainer to financially contribute to the construction of the new medical center and to our community at large through Mercy Health. This is where we are raising our family.

Mercy Health Muskegon is an amazing organization. As a Christian, this is the best place for me to work because of the organization’s vision and mission. Unlike some other health care organizations, we accept patients who have no insurance, and we offer them the same quality of care to them as with any other patient. The compassion of Mercy Health and its staff is beyond compare.

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