Mercy Health DAISY Award Recipient Carol Morrison, RN

December 6, 2018 4:54 pm

The most recent Mercy Health Muskegon DAISY Award winner is Carol Morrison, RN, from Pre-Admission Testing at the Mercy Campus in Muskegon. Carol was nominated by a patient and her caregiver.

“My mother is dealing with Active Multiple Myeloma along with with pain and chemo reactions. Recently, with three fractured vertebrae, she has had severe pain. She is on pain killers and has hearing loss. With all of this going on in life, it is not always easy for her to communicate, and that can be very frustrating. 

I accompanied my mother during her pre-operation interview with Carol the day before her surgery. My mother was the most relaxed I had seen her while answering medical questions.  Carol started by giving my mother time to gather the information she would need and physically get ready to talk. She spoke at a rate and in a way my mother was able to easily understand. If there was something my mother missed, Carol would repeat or restate it without being demeaning. She asked my mother to wait to ask questions until the end, which kept things on track, but at the end, Carol made sure to ask what other questions my mother had.

My mother deals with hypoglycemia and has had some very negative experiences with surgery in the past. Carol not only noted this — so it was cared for well before surgery but Carol also gave my mother excellent direction about things she could do proactively so her blood sugar would not be so low. 

During my mother’s current medical condition, I have not seen her as relaxed as she was with Carol. As a caregiver, I appreciate Carol’s excellent people skills.”

Carol was honored with a surprise celebration in her department before her leader, peers and nursing leadership.

Congratulations, Carol.


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