The Mercy Health Muskegon Consolidation: A Surgeon’s Perspective

October 5, 2018 5:43 pm

Christopher L. Marquart, MD

Mercy Health Neurological Surgeon

As a general member of our lakeshore community, I like the idea of not having to go from one campus to another for my care. My wife and have I both received excellent inpatient care in the nearly 18 years we’ve lived in Muskegon, but we agree that Mercy Health’s new medical center will be a far better facility from a patient perspective.

From a provider perspective, I can say that the new medical center is laid out differently from any other local medical facility and is designed to bring as many services to patients as possible, rather than have patients go to various units or departments for care.

Bringing Services to Our Patients

Once patients arrive at the new medical center for inpatient services and are checked in, whenever possible, services will come to patients at their bedside. Families will also be able to stay comfortably with their loved ones in the new individual patient rooms.

Patients who come for outpatient procedures will be taken to a universal care unit where they will be checked in and then taken to a room where they can, if necessary, change into a hospital gown, store their belongings and have preliminary checks and testing performed.

The universal care unit will help eliminate the need for patients to visit multiple departments before an outpatient procedure. Instead, services and testing will come to them in one, convenient location.

One-stop Shop

The consolidation will bring all services to one building, which will result in a greater convenience for patients and providers.

Locating all services and providers on one campus means that patients won’t have to be transported to a different campus, depending on their individual needs. It also means that many medical consultations will occur more quickly, as providers will no longer be traveling between campuses to meet with patients. With more efficient care, we anticipate a shorter length of stay for many patients and an improved patient experience.

An Alluring, New Facility


The new facility will be light, bright and cheerful, which means a lot when it comes to healing. The medical staff will also enjoy working in the new, modern environment. From an infrastructure standpoint, the latest ventilation, sterilization and cleaning systems in the new building will also improve care.

We have designed the new medical center to grow and change with the introduction of new technology. Because the rooms will flex as needs change, we will not have to do a major renovation whenever we incorporate new technology into our care delivery. Technology is becoming more and more portable, which complements our care models for the new medical center.



Spacious Surgical Suites

In addition, all surgical suites will feature new lighting, along with more monitors that will help to keep all OR staff more informed throughout the procedures.

The new medical center is a big plus for our community. It’s an opportunity to move forward with new facilities, new procedures and more convenient, efficient care. It will also be a more enjoyable place to work.

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