Mercy Health Paves Way for Other West Michigan Employers in Workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

May 31, 2018 7:03 pm

Kevin Stotts, president, Talent 2025, with Chana Edmond-Verley, from Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation with Bill Manns, president, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s during a workshop discussing workplace diversity and equity. Mercy Health was asked by Talent 2025 to share its evidence-based hiring selection process with other organizations dedicated to increasing their hiring of diverse individuals.

“What should be important for us as a community, is when individuals come into your door, you start talking to them about their career path,” said Shana Welch, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition, Trinity Health Michigan Region, who addressed a group of West Michigan CEOs and hiring directors during a Talent 2025 workshop hosted by Mercy Health on May 31, 2018.

During the workshop focused on workforce diversity, equity and inclusion, Mercy Health presented its best practices, including its evidence-based hiring process (EBSP). By removing the implicit bias and using a set of measurable standards for all potential job candidates, Mercy Health has increased its diverse hiring from 18 to 38% over a period of three years.

Having experienced much success with workforce development, Mercy Health was asked by Talent 2025, a non-profit dedicated to the ongoing supply of world-class talent for West Michigan, to share the EBSP with other organizations in the community that are also dedicated to hiring diverse individuals.

“Taking a look at that person from day one and telling them ‘you belong here,’ …and helping them figure out what career numbers two and three will look like with you (as an organization) is key,” explained Welch to the group.

Welch, alongside Bill Manns, President, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, and Bill Guest, from Metrics Reporting, Inc., presented Mercy Health data on its hiring process. Also representing Mercy Health and its hiring practices on a panel were Talent Acquisition members Julie MacFarland, Akia Pierce and Krystine Noble, as well as the managers and directors who supervise colleagues, such as Stacie Strong, Kent Miller and Jill Good.

Also in attendance were members representing the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation, West Michigan Works!, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, just to name a few.

Thanks to the work of Talent 2025 for this workshop and our community partners and local employers that are also dedicated to workforce diversity, equity and inclusion.


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