“Become the Best Nurse You Want to Become:” Lessons Imparted from Ninth Cohort of RN Residents

March 2, 2018 5:35 pm

The Ninth Cohort of RN Residency Program stands proudly by their presentations on February 18, 2018.

“As a small, new nurse embarking on a big, new career, the nurse residency gives you the foundation to become the best nurse that you want to become,” said Crystal Seman, BSN, RN, a recent graduate of the ninth cohort of RN Residency Program at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. “Having the support of other new nurses, mentors, educators, preceptors, and other fellow co-workers makes a world of difference.”

To celebrate the year-long residency of newly hired registered nurses, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Ninth Cohort presented their evidence-based practice projects to Nursing Leadership and other nurses at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s on February 15, 2018.

According to Alexander Kravat, RN, another ninth cohort participant, the sense of support during residency was overwhelming.

Tendo Nyasvisvo, Alex Kravat, Jenna Bailey and Abby Armstrong present their findings from Hauenstein 2.

“From the first day on, the RN residency has shaped my first year of nursing into one that exceeds my expectations. The amount of support provided through this unique program was exceptional,” said Kravat. “Because of this program, I have grown even more passionate for nursing and for Mercy Health Saint Mary’s as a whole.”

Congratulations to Kravat, Seman and the rest of the RN Residents celebrated their graduation:

  • Becky Busleep – PMU
  • Tess Bradley – PMU
  • Kala Totten – PMU
  • Kathleen Curtis – 7 Main
  • Bethany Peake – 7 Main
  • Allison Schaafsma – Birth Center
  • Lauren Schuiteman – Birth Center
  • Jen Trimboli – 4 Lacks
  • Gretchen Mortenson – 3 Lacks
  • Crystal Seman – 3 Lacks
  • Alyssa Oetman – Emergency Department
  • Carrie Toland – Emergency Department
  • Jonelle Woods – Emergency Department
  • Alex Kravat – Hauenstein 2
  • Jenna Bailey – Hauenstein 2
  • Tendo Nyasvisvo – Hauenstein 2
  • Lauren Timmons – Hauenstein 3
  • Sarah Cummings – Hauenstein 3
  • Abby Armstrong – Hauenstein 2



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