Mercy Health Saint Mary’s to Assist Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids in Comprehensive Planning for the Marywood Campus

February 2, 2018 7:28 pm

Ultimate Plan Will Address Current & Future Needs of the Sisters While Maintaining Their Century-Long Legacy

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, along with Trinity Health, will assist the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids with a comprehensive campus plan for Marywood Campus, located at 2025 Fulton St E. The plan will address the needs of the entire Marywood Campus, with an initial focus on the immediate residential and care needs of the Sisters.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s initial phase of the plan includes a comprehensive market study and community needs assessment, while prioritizing the housing needs of the Sisters. The plan proposes a comprehensive repurposing of the campus for senior living and primary health care. In addition, the plan will include deliberate steps to grow Dominican Center at Marywood as a contemporary expression of the Sisters’ mission and allow the Marywood Campus to flourish.

“It’s a rare opportunity to work with an organization whose core values mirror your own, and such is the case with the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids,” said David McEwen, COO, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. “At the heart of our proposal is the respectful care and support of the Dominican Sisters and continuation of the Sisters’ mission and ministry on the Marywood Campus. It is our distinct honor to have this opportunity.”

The ultimate campus plan will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Improve on-campus living accommodations for Sisters to reflect their changing needs.
  • Assess, imagine, identify and prepare under-utilized space for new uses and new partnerships.
  • Explore opportunities to generate revenue streams for the Congregation to support needs and mission.

Other highlights:

  • Address the continued integration of the campus with the surrounding neighborhood and community.
  • Preserve green space.
  • Provide the necessary flexibility to meet the challenges of a changing, unknown future.
  • Allow the legacy of the Congregation to flourish.

Through the partnership, Trinity Senior Services Management, a special division of Trinity Health Senior Communities, will play an active role in managing the property. Trinity Senior Services Management specializes in helping religious sponsors in sustaining their ministries through changing times.

Throughout their decades of service in West Michigan, the Dominican Sisters continually evaluate their resources in light of their mission to serve others and the capacity of their membership and have acted accordingly. Today, the Sisters are furthering that process as they begin their work with Mercy Health Saint Mary’s and its parent company, Trinity Health, to envision the future of Marywood Campus and ensure their legacy continues.



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