Congratulations Quarterly Colleague Award Winners

January 13, 2017 9:04 pm

Join President Bill Manns on Tuesday, January 24, at 3 p.m. on 5 Lacks for a ceremony that will honor the following Colleague Award Winners:

Every three months, colleagues nominate dozens of their peers for the prestigious Colleagues Award, honoring those who embody the mission, vision and values of Mercy Health. A panel of clinical and non-clinical colleagues selects only a few winners.

  • Alicia Martinez, Community Health Worker; Outreach Clinic
  • Sandie Pent, Business Office Supervisor; WCHL Specialty Residency
  • Mary Rosser, Senior Organizational Development Consultant; Regional Organizational Development
  • Beth Vandam, Clinical Nurse Leader; 4 Lacks

Excerpts from the recipients’ nominations follow:

martinez-alicia-1Alicia Martinez, Community Health Worker, Outreach Clinic: Alicia has a soft spirit, is kind, respectful and tenacious, and treats everyone with dignity. She is most deserving of this award and is a model colleague of Mercy Health’s mission. She is a high performer who exceeds expectations, such as meeting program goals and documentation. Alicia consistently goes above and beyond for Mercy Health patients and colleagues. She is positive and energetic, and she motivates others to do their best. It is relevant that Alicia’s colleagues are responsible for her nomination. Alicia’s work ethic is something her colleagues aspire to emulate.



pent-sandie-1Sandie Pent, Business Office Supervisor, WCHL Specialty Residency: What stands out to me the most about Sandie is her knowledge. Sandie is very helpful to everyone in our office because she has the   skills and desire to teach us what we need to know  to do our jobs. This holds true for everyone from the front office staff to the physicians. She is an all-around great person who is very approachable, and she genuinely cares about others. A natural leader and coach, Sandie speaks to colleagues and patients with sincere compassion and is an amazing problem solver. During morning huddles, she always encourages others to speak their minds and to raise any concerns so that we may make improvements.


rosser-mary-1Mary Rosser, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Regional Organizational Development: Mary’s caring ways are a natural part of who she is. I often see her putting the needs of others before her own needs. Mary is known to build collaborative relationships throughout Mercy Health. On the one hand, it is a natural part of her role to share knowledge, skills and resources. On the other hand, she is a master at this, easily identifying needs and going above and beyond to ensure these needs are met. I am do not think I have ever heard Mary complain, and I am positive that I have never heard her blame others. I have observed Mary speaking positively and objectively about decisions being made as part of the Strategic Margin Improvement initiative. She operates with utmost professionalism in all situations, and I notice Mary making efforts to support leadership decisions by keeping her comments general and positive.


vandam-beth-1Beth Vandam, Clinical Nurse Leader, 4 Lacks: Patients love coming to Mercy Health because of people like Beth. She is a positive, caring, professional, solution-oriented team player, and it shows! When patients or staff have concerns, Beth listens attentively and respectively and takes ownership of the concerns while working diligently to find resolution. She is always focused on finding solutions and working with colleagues. Beth is a supportive and caring person, and she takes the time to look at the big picture. She is easy to communicate with and holds the mission and vision of Mercy Health St. Mary’s close to her heart. Beth has been instrumental in rounds and bedside report on 4 Lacks. Every day when we round, we hear from patients about how impressed they are with the positive, caring attitude of staff. This is a reflection of Beth’s leadership, guidance and support.


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